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Dana Sánchez-Graham

I am. 

I do. 

I exist.


I exist as an eternal dance of transformation;

A product of diverse origins;

A distinct thread within the tapestry found on the US-Mexican border.

I move through life to the rhythm and beat of cumbia. It is an echoing heartbeat that defines my journey as a fronteriza. I am an artist because of the way I see the world and not because of the work that I am paid for. As a deviser and performer, I investigate the ways in which movement functions as an extension of our cultural and religious identities, and how our external environment feeds into our understanding of these identities. My purpose lies in deconstructing the fronteriza identity, venturing into the obscure and trans formative spaces where dispossession, geography, ritual, and the shadows of violence coalesce.


My work typically includes the use of water, clay, and seeds to craft a visceral embodiment of the sensation of "stuck-ness." It's an arresting sensation every person encounters when the borders within themselves or their surroundings are touched—a palpable reminder of constraint. My point of departure when creating is deep listening; long walks in the city, observing silence, meditating, and moving. All to prime my body to remain in an open state for the duration of my work.

* Fronteriza: Directly translated as “borderlander”; someone who embodies two languages and cultures and moves between them.* 

Currently Based in Berlin, Germany/ Rio Grande Valley, TX (US-Mexico Border)



2021-23 Master of Fine Arts: Devised Theatre Practices | Arthaus Berlin and Rose Bruford College

2018-21 Bachelor of Arts: Dance Performance | Muhlenberg College, Allentown PA

2018-21 Bachelor of Science: Cultural Anthropology | Muhlenberg College, Allentown PA


Devised Performance

2022 "King", Performed as a part of the Cabaret Noir at Eden Studios, Berlin, DE

2022 "California Dream", Performed alongside Li Zelin as a part of the Cabaret Noir, Eden Studios, Berlin, DE

2022 "Together We Scam", Devised & performed in collaboration with Manish Ruparel and Isa Lugo-Malave at the Eden Studios, Berlin, DE

2023 "Origin", devised in collaboration with Manish Ruparel and Amberly Plourde at the Eden Studios, Berlin, DE

2023 "Part 2: Lejanía", Devised and performed at Arthaus Berlin Festival, Eden Studios, Berlin, DE

2023 "Frontera/Procesión-Un ritual del Agua", directed by Amanda Piña, Choreographed by Rodrigo De LaTorre Radial System, Berlin, DE

2023 "Constellations", Devised in collaboration with Alejandro Rodriguez at Black Circle  Theatre, Holstebro, DK in July and the ACUD theatre in Berlin in November. 



2012 "John Lennon and Me", The Torturer, Directed by Marisa Harris and Holly DeLeon, Rio Grande Valley One Act Play

2013 "April Fish", Assunta, Directed by Marisa Harris, Rio Grande Valley One Act Play

2016 "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying", Hedy LaRue, Directed by Stacey Gonzalez

2017 "Once Upon A Mattress," Winnifred, Directed by Stacey Gonzalez

2018 "Zu's Earth," Choctaw Ancestor, Directed by Isaac Byrne at Texas State University Department of Acting

2018 "Brigadoon," Chorus/Dancer, Directed by Charlie Richter at Muhlenberg College Department of Theatre and Dance



2016 "The Nutcracker," Flower/Snowflake, Choreographed by Deborah Case for Deborah Case Dance Academy

2018 "You've Got Mail," Dancer, Choreographed by Hailey Holliday 

2019 "Undounbeb," Dancer, Choreographed by Mathew Guerra 

2020 "They Were Onto Something", Dancer, Choregraphed by Thomas Gedrich


Digital/ Multimedia

2020 "Babbel," Devised and Performed digitally in collaboration with AJ Banta, Changing Lenses

2021 "Pruning", devised, filmed, and directed by Dana Graham, South Padre Island, TX

2022 "The Bridge," Directed by Deep Dakshy and Jose Luis Perdigón, Kollektiv Unruhe, B

2023 "Clownfish", Digital exhibition at Eden Studios, Berlin, DE

2023 "Part 1: ***", Digital exhibition at Arthaus Berlin Festival, Eden Studios, Berlin, DE and Digital Exhibition at Miraaa Media Festival Rio Grande Valley, Texas, USA


2019 "Chasing A Shadow: Magic and Identity in Banten", State of Islamic University Sultan Maulana Hassanuddin Banten, Java Indonesia

2020-21 "The Immortality of ritual: A study of the commercialization of Día De Los Muertos Rituals  and Its effects on Zapotec Identity", Muhlenberg Department of Dance and Theatre 

2020 "Myths in the Modern Times: A look at the tower of babel and its relevance today", Changing Lenses Devised Theatre, Muhlenberg College Theatre & Dance, Allentown PA 


Awards & Achievements

2015 National Hispanic Institute Oratory Award- State of Texas 

2017 International Baccalaureate Diploma recipient, McAllen, TX

2018 Candidate for Yale Summer Actor's Conservatory

2019 Presented field research at International Conference on Islam and Critical Global Issues with the Post Graduate State of Islamic University Sultan Maulana Hassanuddin Banten

2019 Co-Published research journal at Univeristas Islam Negeri Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten and Kawalu and named “Young Scholar” of the Month

2018-2021 Deans List Honors, Muhlenberg College

2023 Guest Artist in Residency at Black Circle Stage in Collaboration with the Nordic Theatre Laboratory



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