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Three people happily dancing
Three people dancing happily
Three people holding hands

Arthaus Berlin, Berlin, Germany, Dec. 12th, 2022, Documentation by Manish Ruparel

"Together We Scam" is a 45 minute collaborative performance devised by three artists Dana Graham, Isa Lugo-Malave, and Manish Ruparel- hailing from India, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. In a bold exploration of the power of community and the art of devising, this physically dynamic and culturally rich theatrical experience is a testament to the bonds that can be forged even in the face of the most absurd challenges.

The stage is set against the backdrop of an Earth grappling with a dire shortage of clean water. NASA, in a desperate bid to secure humanity's future, dispatches a trio of astronauts to the planet SCAM, rumored to hold a new and abundant water source. 

The narrative unfolds with humor and absurdity as the astronauts, each representing their unique cultural backgrounds, attempt to crack the code of communication with the alien life forms on Planet SCAM. As they encounter linguistic barriers and cultural differences, the situation forces them to abandon conventional methods and delve into the depths of their shared humanity.

This devised piece serves as a poignant reminder that unity, laughter, and shared experiences can transcend the boundaries of language and culture, hopefully leaving you with a renewed sense of hope and appreciation for the diversity that defines our world.

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