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Dana (1999) is an eternal dance of transformation; a product of diverse origins; a distinct thread within the tapestry found on the US-Mexican border.

She moves through life to the rhythm and beat

of cumbia. It is an echoing heartbeat that defines

her journey as a fronteriza. She is an artist

because of the way she sees the world and not because of the work that she is paid for. Her

purpose lies in deconstructing the fronteriza

identity, venturing into the obscure and transformative spaces where dispossession, geography, ritualand the shadows of violence coalesce.

She recieved her Bachelor of Science in

Cultural Anthropology and Bachelor of

Arts in Dance Performance  from

Muhlenberg College and recently

graduated with a Master of Fine

Arts in Devised Performance from

Arthaus Berlin and Rose Bruford College in London.


She has performed at the Black Circle Theatre in Holstebro, Denmark; ACUD Macht Neu in Berlin, Germany; Arthaus Berlin International Performance Research Center, and the McAllen Performing Arts Center, amongst other international spaces. She enjoys unfinishedness, mistranslation, multivocality (having multiple voices), ambiguity, and playfulness.


*Fronteriza: Directly translated as “borderlander”; someone who embodies two languages and cultures and moves between them.*

Her work typically includes the use of water, clay, and

   seeds to craft a visceral embodiment of the

sensation of "stuck-ness.It's an arresting

sensation every person encounters when

the borders within themselves or their

surroundings are touched—a palpable

reminder of constraint. Her artistic practice

includes deep listening, long walks

in the city, observing silence,  meditating,

and moving, all to prime her body to

remain in an open  state for the duration

of her work.

Dana regularly collaborates with

other artists, musicians, choreographers

and writers. She often works with

producer and musicians

Hannah Flittig-Aardelen and

Renee Gamez. Among her


other collaborators are: Alejandro Rodriguez,

Li Zelin, Manishma Ruparel, and Isa Lugo-Malave.


Current projects available for booking:


Constellations: an inviting but political performance with Alejandro Rodriguez and Renee Gamez

LejaniaOngoeing performative research that directly confronts what it means to migrate.

Part One: visual poem 

To Download CV, Click Here

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